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Fiber Biennial

Last weekend i went to Philly planning to finally visit Frida Kahlo and Juan Soriano exhibitions at Philadelphia Museum of Art as well as couple of shows at Fiber Philadelphia.

First stop was Fiber Biennial at Snyderman-Works gallery. Very interesting including some whimsical basketry by Charissa Brock. Actually i was meaning to visit this gallery for a while so used this as a chance and checked around beyond the fiber exhibition.

Snyderman Works Gallery

Several more picture as usual can be found @flickr, including couple of shots i made at Museum of Arts. The Kahlo’s exhibition was too crowded to enjoy so i wandered around the museum.


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There are some interesting changes happened recently in my menu planning and i should probably write them down but for now it  suffices to say that these days i’m thinking  low carb/high protein when shopping for a dinner.

So here are couple of nice squid dishes i made recently:

Tonight it was a quick squid/greens braise – greens being cavolo nero, scallions and dill. The green flavor was tightened up with some generous sprinkle of jalapeno powder.

Squid and Greens

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There are probably as many posts about artichoke dishes on this blog as about mussel ones. Tonight i made a very simple and very tasty variation on that Marcella’s artichokes baked with cheese. Halved baby artichokes roasted with  an excellent manzanilla olive oil and a splash of whiskey, then topped with the mountain cheese i brought from Portugal to melt it down in a hot oven. What a flavor synergy – grassy and woody from all four ingredients. And the dish is good cold too as this cheese doesn’t get rubbery (like mozzarella does) when it cools down.

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