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Chocolate Negroni

Somebody mentioned this cocktail of Naren Young on eG Negroni thread: i googled and fair enough found the recipe:

Chocolate Negroni with an orange foam.
1 ½ oz. gin
1 oz. Campari
¾ oz. Punt e Mes
½ oz. crème de cacao
Stir with ice and strain over ice into an Old Fashioned.
Float orange foam on top.

Used Plymouth gin and Carpano Antica vermouth and skipped the foam (for obvious reasons), floated an orange twist instead. Beautiful drink; sweet at first blush (will tune down crème de cacao next time) but taken slowly it’s a pleasure to sip.


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Modern Beer Cocktails

Recently several publications covered beer cocktails offering a bunch of interesting recipes by known mixologists. Some of them are luckily available online:
In Food Arts Beer Tails.
Some more here: Flavor Touchdown.

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BackWoods Bastard

I love Founders brews; this year i really can’t get enough of their Harvest Ale. But it would never occur to me to try something labeled as scotch ale. After tasting a bunch of typical british ales i decided they’re not my cup of tea (or better say my glass of beer).
But couple of days ago i ended up with a pack of BackWoods Bastard – a manager of my local liquor store raved about it (he’s a great guy and very helpful) and i got some not to disappoint him.
Man, was i rewarded! What an excellent after dinner drink – bourbony warm, chocolaty, to be sipped slowly through the cold night…

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