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Harissa lamb kebobs, originally uploaded by tarelki.

The original recipe can be found here: http://www.foodandwine.com/recipes/moroccan-spiced-lamb-patties-with-peppers-and-halloumi
Excellent idea well suited for interesting variations: a while ago i made it with cubes of lamb leg while this time i kneaded into a bit of creme fraiche (secret ingredient suggested by Paula Wolfert in the absence of tail fat ) and harissa. I also roasted three leeks instead of using onions.
More variations to come 🙂


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Sausage and shrimp gravy, John Besh, originally uploaded by tarelki.

What a great recipe – you basically make sort of a chili using a pork sausage and then add shrimp at the end. Chili meets gumbo?.. I tweaked the recipe a bit, mostly by using masa harina instead of flour, anaheim in place of a green bell pepper and large Gulf shrimp (jumbo is twice as expensive).

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Got the original idea from one of the Paula Wolfert’s books – she offered a simple radicchio/smoked tuna salad. I tried it then with some other fish and it came very good. This time i made with with chopped watercress, capers, and in the absence of lemons used their pickled liquid mixed with some olive oil and creme fraiche: the salad needs an acidic element to balance the richness of fish…

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