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and it’s better than ever before! Cause it’s always the case when you cook with local ingredients (i know, lame joke) but indeed i used a young fresh lovage in my traditional tumbada paste of poblanos etc.

Also i cut on the amount of rice to only 1/2 cup; and cooked it in 1 cup of chicken stock separately. In the meantime boiled 3/4 lb of pink gulf shrimp in some cooking liquid remaining from my steamed (lovage and dry vermouth) mussels lunch added the lovage paste, remaining mussels and rice.


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Lovage Walnut Pesto

Lovage is the only useful plant that survives the neglect of my patio. I’m truly grateful for this and always looking for different ways to incorporate its abundance into my cooking. Tonight i came up with a truly great combination – a lovage walnut pesto. They have such complimentary profiles it’s crazy.

Here’s the recipe:
2 charred poblanos peeles
2 garlic cloves
handful of walnuts
two nice bushy sprigs of tender lovage
zest of one lime
a splash of lime juice
whizzed in a food processor; with 1/3 cup of your precious olive oil added at the end.

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Though now available pretty much all year round artichokes are supposedly all about spring. Same with lamb. Same with scallions. So i decided to make an ultimate spring roast with all the three. Served with tomato machego sauce.

Came so good that i decided to write down the recipe.

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