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At the Wheaton Glass Museum: this piece is displayed in a glass cabinet that also serves as a window facing the patio.
Didn’t get the name of artist neither how this work is called but it felt like an empty shell of the abandoned heart…


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Two Hearted Costa

Two Hearted Costa, originally uploaded by tarelki.

first of all: all the credit for this phenomenal drink goes to Cocktail Virgin Slut blog.
Tuned up the grapefruit juice (1oz) and St.Germain (1/2oz) and used Bells’ Two Hearted IPA (should be less than 2oz). Lunazul tequila as er the original (1.5oz). Salted rim is a must.

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Where do good dishes come from?… You drag yourself to a grocery store to buy something for a dinner, something that doesn’t involve much cooking but still not a junk food… Absentmindedly you pick up some oyster mushrooms, some corn cobs (the season has started) and couple bags of salad. You feel like this meal is definitely doomed to failure but don’t have any energy to think the dinner plans through…
Back home you think some mexican would probably work, you check the fridge, pull out a container of creme fraiche, and… the sage (well it worked more well yesterday in that tequila drink). Now you sort of have an idea and start working energetically feeling invigorated and inspired: stripping kernels off the corn cobs, tearing oyster mushrooms in strips, chopping garlic and sage, and crushing white corn tortilla chips… – everything dumped in a large bowl and doused with an olive oil. Not forgetting an ancho powder (a lot)…. and on a heated huge pan it goes… In parallel mixing some creme fraiche with an egg. Two minutes later adding the creme fraiche sauce. Two mins more – you have a dinner

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