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this is what i call the accidental masterpiece…pretty much everything was in the fridge or pantry – i just got this gorgeous piece of fish. Dusted it with mexican oregano and green hatch chile powder and grilled in corn husks for 8mins(5-3)… Made a quick salsa of green mango, jicama, serrano chile and avocado… mixed farmers and jack cheeses together… heat a bit of olive oil in a small pan; set a corn (Maria&Ricardo – my absolute favorite) tortilla, sprinkled it with couple spoons of cheese mixture, topped one side with some flaked salmon, folded the tortilla in half and quickly cooked on both sides…


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A great dish, featured in Nobu books in several variations.

My version was a simplified one from his first book.
mix a good mayo with some garlic/chile sauce.
Butterfly shrimp but don’t peel (1.5lb – 20cnt/lb)
Saute sliced portobello (3 large) until just limp.
Brush the shrimps just a bit of the sauce, layer a parsley leaf and top with a slice of mushroom.
Broil for 5mins or until shrimp is ready.

I served the dish with grilled asian eggplant topped with bonito flakes; romaine leaves and shredded jicama and green mango.

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Made two kinds – salmon/roasted garlic and crazy vegetables (shitake, tofu, raw cashew, sprouted beans, radish, carrot, napa cabbage, scallions, sesame seeds butter and soy sauce). Served with asian slaw and kimchi…

The vegetable ones were frozen overnight and boiled for breakfast. 8mins seems like a proper time. Also grilled mediterranean zucchini – sliced on diagonal 1/2″ thick, brushed with olive oil and grilled on high – 5mins on one side turning 90` once and 2-3 on another.

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“Slice in half, hache (cross-hatch) the interior, bend backwards to open the scoring, pour in shoyu (soy sauce) with some wasabi mixed in, push in a few slivers of garlic and ginger, cook in a grilling pan.”

from Jinmyo, on eG: http://forums.egullet.org/index.php?/topic/3795-eggplants-and-aubergines/

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