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After out visit in 2007 i dreamed to come back. And we made it happen. Haunting place in Death Valley.


It’s sad that Desert Flower was destroyed by a strong wind last year. RIP, the strange flower, you’ll be missed!

Desert Flower


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Fiber Biennial

Last weekend i went to Philly planning to finally visit Frida Kahlo and Juan Soriano exhibitions at Philadelphia Museum of Art as well as couple of shows at Fiber Philadelphia.

First stop was Fiber Biennial at Snyderman-Works gallery. Very interesting including some whimsical basketry by Charissa Brock. Actually i was meaning to visit this gallery for a while so used this as a chance and checked around beyond the fiber exhibition.

Snyderman Works Gallery

Several more picture as usual can be found @flickr, including couple of shots i made at Museum of Arts. The Kahlo’s exhibition was too crowded to enjoy so i wandered around the museum.

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Noguchi Museum

i meant to post about our visit to Noguchi museum for quite a while. We went there couple of weeks ago on a windy and grey saturday.

Honestly i knew Noguchi only as a designer so was completely unprepared for his sculptural works – and the museum setting is magical. Though pieces in the open garden were plywooded (apparently for the season) we had plenty to see – and in fact for some sculptures grey skies and naked birches created a perfect backdrop. Besides we had the place pretty much to ourselves.

the are more pix on my flickr

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Glass Museum in Corning

While on our way to Toronto during the xmas time we decided to stop at Corning NY, to visit a famous museum of glass there.


(the rest of pix are flickred here.)

The museum is hosted in an airy contemporary building and has an impressive collection of glass art. Especially interesting were galleries of contemporary as as well as 20th century works.

Nice gift shop worth browsing but by all means avoid the cafeteria for anything beyond coffee.

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New Additions at Grounds for Sculpture

This became a tradition – we make a ride to GFS every season. Since our last visit in July they added quite a few new sculptures, Day Dream by the prolific Seward Johnson is one of them, a playful riff on Matisse’s dancers.


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Pittsburgh: Day 2

(originally written on 9/12/07)

We started the day with a breakfast at Primanti Bros to experience a famous Pittsburgh sandwich.


after which we proceeded to explore the Strip.


Though sort of similar to Italian Market in Philly, we enjoyed the Strip much more – it’s cleaner, more diverse and fun – i was thrilled to discover Penzey’s store here, and bought some sour trahana in a greek store…


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Gorgeous early fall weather this weekend – and we hit curvy roads of Bucks county to Doylestown again. The ride is familiar (though never boring) but the destination is new – Nakashima’s reading room at Michener art museum.


It’s a little gem of museum with a meticulously picked collection of works by local artists:


And what a lovely sculpture garden! Nevermind the location – the former site of the Bucks County jail (note the wall):


And then we had a real pleasure to visit just opened exhibition of Philip Pearlstein, The Dispassionate Body . Well pleasure might be a wrong word to describe the emotions brought out by these large paintings of nudes in bizarre indoor set-ups with a toy or some other object or two. Disturbing but riveting!..

Yet the strange compositions felt somehow familiar… when half way through the exhibition it struck me – indeed i read a long and fascinating essay about Pearlstein a long while ago, most probably in New Yorker – but since completely forgot the name. Now i just wish i could reread the essay again (and no, unfortunately neither googling nor direct searching the New Yorker website helped).

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