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A confession – i’m not a big fan of writing (and reading) beer tasting notes. I find them (similar to wine TNs actually) too trying, in many cases forced by the rigid format (no less than X words) of beer reviewing sites.
And then a good belgian is a good belgian, who really cares what you think about Orval, repeated in the umpteenth time – this is a damn great beer – but you either love it or don’t, end of story. It’s like writing the review of Sistine Madonna really.
Now once in a while here comes a beer that is different and daring – like this Avatar Jasmine IPA by Elysian.
After brewing for a while i understand how difficult is to pull a flavored beer through so i applaud their effort. In fact jasmine is as difficult as lavender – you overdo it and end up with a toilet freshener…
So here are my tasting notes (won’t bother with obvious – this is a solid IPA)…
Aroma – an certain clash of herbal hops and jasmine flower.
Flavor – Elysian brewer should get kudos for choosing right malts to go with jasmine – a perfect balance!..
I think i’ll go get more of this quite an intriguing beer.

Oh in case you wonder apropos of Valentine reference, i found this beer much better than a requisite champagne…


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Many moons ago one of the members posted on then popular What Beer Did You Drink Today thread on eG: I drink my homebrews only… At that time i dismissed him as a show-off but here we are – almost a year of home brewing under our belt, and a nice selection of our beers in the fridge: and i’m totally ready to eat my words.
Today we brewed one more – a bitter pils with guajillo and d’arbol chiles that tasted promising, and in celebration we poured only ours at dinner – Strong Wit, Saison d’Hiver and Saison D’Autumn. What a rewarding feeling it was!
And accompanying dinner was not lame too – simple lamburgers of fatty lamb, minced red onion, pasilla chile powder, coriander, cumin and cilantro served with warm wheat naan and radish/onion/yogurt salad.

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Brewing Under Rain

For fall winter brewing we moved the action to the garage:
Winter Brewing

And this was a summer set up:
Summer Rain Brewing

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From Randy Mosher’s Radical Brewing comes this oh so nice wit. It took quite some time to develop the flavor after bottling. And maybe well just maybe the flavor is not peaked up yet… but then how does one describe a beer nirvana?

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