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I was perusing the OpenTable site trying to find a restaurant close to our hotel, and the name Saha attracted attention – we love middle eastern food, Saha is a title of a cookbook by my favorite Greg Malouf, an australian master of arabic fusion, and incidentally that’s the style of Saha’s chef Mohamed Aboghanem. The result of quick googling and a search at CH was reassuring and we decided to give Saha a try.


And i’m so glad we did. Not a single miss on the Saha platter of assorted dips; hummus was particularly good with some interesting smoky hint so we ordered a second helping. Fattoush salad was nice and elegant in presentation. Merguez sausages were the best in recent memory and beef kofta very tasty with an excellent sauce called zahaweg. Oh and of course not to forget a baby okra.

Note to myself – need to learn more about the yemeni cuisine…


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I always wanted to visit Oliveto, and we were very lucky to be in San Francisco at the time of the annual Whole Hog event.


The menu reads like a dream, and you want to order literally everything.  So after a long consideration we got platters of dry-cured salami, potted pork, assorted sausages (coppa di testa was out of the world), and warm antipasto of pork tongue, artichokes and black truffles (excellent) for appetizers. I had spit roasted pork belly with chestnut honey castelvetrano olives and almonds for main – great dish and reminded me how interesting and distinctive is chestnut honey, it actually used be my secret ingredient. And these olives are worth seeking out. For dessert we had a bacon fat ice cream and seville orange pie with lard crust – both very good.

I saved the menu and plan to make some dishes at home (maybe even some salumi).

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