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Belmar in Winter

After moving back to jersey from MA we often bitch about how it was all scenic there and not enough worthy outdoor destinations here. Which of course is not true. In fact this weekend we hit two places in one day – Apple Pie Hill followed by the lunch at the excellent burger place in Belmar called Boom and then a walk along the beach. The weather was terribly windy and cold but this contributed to the grand colors of water and skies. And nothing could beat the atmosphere of deserted for winter beachtown.

Belmar Boardwalk


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Apple Pie Hill

Apple Pie Hill is a local destination of sorts. There is an abandoned fire tower from which you could see endless Pinelands and even Philly. We learned about this place a year ago and since then tried to find it couple of times. Finally yesterday equipped with the GPS and precise long/lat of the destination we made it.

Apple Pie Hill

The weather was very windy and cold. I started to climb stairs and in the middle almost decided to turn back, it was that scary,
In the middle
but it would have been a shame to miss the view from the top.

From the top of the tower

We were lucky to have the place all to our own so had time to enjoy unobstructed 360-degree panoramic view from every possible angle.

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(originally written on 9/23/07)

Breakfast is to be taken seriously while on vacation, and we did our research, Cafe This Way being high on the list of many on Chowhound. So there we headed for our first breakfast in Bar Harbor – not completely unprepared as we had a dinner in Cafe This Way the night before and were quite pleased.


The breakfast was nice too especially pancakes bursting with wild main blueberries…

The plan for the day was to take a rest from two days of riding and do some hiking instead. Cadillac Mountain South Ridge 7 miles trail seemed like a great idea, though sudden clouds on the sky looked suspicious. H. assured me that radar looked good and we got into the Island Explorer shuttle bus to Acadia exactly at the time when the rain started. The bus slowly proceeded through Acadia picking up rain-soaked people at each stop. We got off the bus at the Blackwoods Campground, rain not stopping We didn’t have a map but H. checked the web and seemed to know the location of the trail start. We got off the bus at the general store and bought a disposable raincoat-poncho. Then we trecked about half mile to the entrance of the campground. No signs of the trail so we asked the ranger.


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Couple of weekends ago we had a nice hiking at Purgatory Chasm State Reservation. To enjoy the scenery from every angle one might take a trail down the chasm:


and then go around over the top:


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