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Finally a perfect day for a motorcycle, after too long of a break: blame it on a rainy summer.
And we ride through the beautiful jersey countryside – our destination is Grounds for Sculpture.
Where we can always find a quiet spot for an uninterrupted conversation:

Or a secluded trail for a magical walk:


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Two years later we came to Death Valley again, eager to see the green truck among other things – fortunately it was still there. Wish i could take it home with me.

and then:

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On our third day (against all grim meteorologic forecasts) we were rewarded by the most gorgeous weather for a scenic mountain riding: clear blue skies providing a perfect backdrop for all shades of red and brown that color the rocks in Valley of Fire.


the flickr link is here:  Through Valley of Fire on Motorcycle

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Ghost Rider: Day 2 in Vegas

So we rented a nice Goldwing and off we rode into Nevada desert escaping the shopping madness of black friday. The weather was unusually harsh – cold, sunny with ghastly winds. We didn’t mind though – it made our long ride more fun. And it set a proper stage for the appreciation of monumental sculptures at the Goldwell open air museum, located at the entrance of the Death Valley and near by the ghost town of Rhyolite.


The rest of the pix are here: Riding to Rhyolite.

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With that smell of wet leaves in the air it’s common for russian expats to get nostalgic about mushroom hunting. That’s why last Sun found us wandering through Cape Cod woods (in reality small patches of public land squeezed among private No Trespassing properties) . But the weather was beautiful, the foliage pretty and we even found some mushrooms, just enough for a pic.


Called mohovik in russian and apparently mossiness in english, it’s not a particularly tasty mushroom. At this point we abandoned the idea of pick your own mushroom themed dinner and just continued walking and enjoying the warm afternoon.


And then we got back on a motorcycle and had a very nice long ride through Cape Cod, with a stop in Chatham to see the lighthouse and the beach.


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To the Lighthouse

Last Sun the weather was good and after looking at several possible destinations we decided on Long Beach Island, Nice ride – about 50 miles (one way) of low traffic country roads through famous NJ Pine Barrens – a free aromatherapy session for those lucky ones on motorcycles. Once you get to the bridge there is a sudden change of scenery – a long and slow ride (almost like a stroll) through an off-season resort town: a solitary jogger, an old lady with a dog, closed restaurants, empty stylish beach houses occasionally decorated with For Rent or For Sale signs… Until you reach the Barnegat Lighthouse – the place is jumping: there are boats all over the water and the pier is quite crowded.


I make a futile attempt to capture a fragile beauty of a beach flora.


A short but delightful trail swinging through Barnegat Lighthouse State Park – alas just one of the last remnants of maritime forest in the area.


… On the way back make sure to stop by Wawa at the intersection of  routes 70 and 539/530 to hang up with other riders, compliment their bikes and let them admire yours…

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Gorgeous early fall weather this weekend – and we hit curvy roads of Bucks county to Doylestown again. The ride is familiar (though never boring) but the destination is new – Nakashima’s reading room at Michener art museum.


It’s a little gem of museum with a meticulously picked collection of works by local artists:


And what a lovely sculpture garden! Nevermind the location – the former site of the Bucks County jail (note the wall):


And then we had a real pleasure to visit just opened exhibition of Philip Pearlstein, The Dispassionate Body . Well pleasure might be a wrong word to describe the emotions brought out by these large paintings of nudes in bizarre indoor set-ups with a toy or some other object or two. Disturbing but riveting!..

Yet the strange compositions felt somehow familiar… when half way through the exhibition it struck me – indeed i read a long and fascinating essay about Pearlstein a long while ago, most probably in New Yorker – but since completely forgot the name. Now i just wish i could reread the essay again (and no, unfortunately neither googling nor direct searching the New Yorker website helped).

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