An excellent dish inspired by Ana Sortun… I should have roasted the pepper shells longer… say 15-20mins in 425F convection…
The stuffing will be perfectly cooked in just 10-15mins and then you broil pretty close to the source of fire for additional 5mins rotating the pan several times…


Healthy breakfast:

Taza Aficionada

a slightly doctored version of the Repo Cup cocktail from the Cocktail 2010 book by increasing the amount of tequila to 2oz – otherwise Chartreuse is too dominant and you just can’t get any tequila…

Brisa de Oaxaca

Brisa de Oaxaca, originally uploaded by Russian Banana.

this one is a gem:

1 oz Mezcal,
1 oz Yellow Chartreuse,
3/4 oz Lime juice,
1/4 oz orange juice,
barspoon of sugar.
Shake and strain into a coupe glass.
Garnish with a lime wheel.


Aviation, originally uploaded by Russian Banana.

This one is a classic – very complex, aromatic and totally grown up drink… used the ratio from the F&W Cocktails, by Eric Alperin:
# 2 ounces gin
# 3/8 ounce maraschino liqueur
# 3/4 ounce fresh lemon juice
# 3/8 ounce violet liqueur

Luna de Guadalajara

Luna de Guadalajara, originally uploaded by Russian Banana.

excellent pretty dry cocktail coming from the bartender’s guide by RObert Hess.
2oz tequila blanco
1oz dry vermouth
1/2 benedictine.

stir and strain in a cocktail glass

Daily Pimm’sleur

Daily Pimm’sleur, originally uploaded by Russian Banana.

Looking for some interesting drink involving Pimm’s – found this one on the chartreuse importer site. Very good.

In a shaker with no ice, combine
1.5 oz pimms,
1/2 lemon juice,
1/2 lime juice,
1 oz simple syrup,
1/2oz yellow chartreuse,
1 egg white
shake with no ice for a few minutes and then add ice and shake
and strain into a chilled highball nutmeg grated on top