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Yesterday, sort of mexican Duck a l’Orange: tacos of mock duck confit, pasilla, orange, oregano. Nice but i should have added less sauce – the meat was drown. Mock confit was a good idea though – three duck legs were slowly cooked stove skin down to start the fat rendering process then flipped, unpeeled garlic cloves and thyme branches added, the skillet covered and moved into the low oven – gradually going down from 325F to 250F. Legs were cooked in their own fat, probably for about couple hour or a bit less. The sauce was of a large white onion cooked with 2oz of torn pasilla – first softened in olive oil, and then cooked with two shopped tomatoes and juice of one orange. Blended into the sauce with more orange juice, garlic from confit and shampagne vinegar to cut the sweetness. Great sauce but was hard to achieve the right balance of flavors.
Def worth trying again – and it’s just occured to me – salsa borracha is quite similar to this sauce…


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