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Smoked Fish Pilav

Yesterday came out with a really nice dish worth of recording: scallop and smoked whitefish pilav:

On my favorite F&W site i stumbled on the smoked fish jambalaya but while the fish part fo the dish sounded nice i didn’t care much for the flavoring. Instead i decided to make a celery battuto for a base. Here’s the final recipe:


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I like this dish made with mahi-mahi. The recipe comes from Zarela Martinez, F&W magazine.
Couple changes: i poached fish off the heat for 20mins before flaking. The sauce oh 1/2 white onion and 3/4 can of tomatoes was too dry so i added some fish poaching liquid. Flavored with bay leaves and thyme; with lucques olives and pickled serranos added along with the fish at the end to heat through. Refrigerated the leftovers – they were excellent cold – like some sort of an aspic, from gelatinized stock (i poached the fish skin on).

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Excellent tacos tonight, from unassuming ingredients really. Trout fillets pan roasted on high heat to crisp the skin.
Niman Ranch bacon cut into strips and browned. Red onion sliced and added, then garlic, fire roasted tomatoes and chile chipotle, then 1/4″ sliced chard stems, and finally leaves. Perfect side, quite rich in a good way. Fire warmed corn tortillas.

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This is one of those dishes you would enjoy making, every single step of it. First roast sliced potatoes topped with a layer of olive-oiled tomatoes/spring onions/italian peppers mess – the dish within its own right. In the meantime make charmoula – tiny red bird chiles, preserved lemon (bergamot), parsley, mint, scallions, garlic, cumin – i guarantee you’ll lick the bowl clean. Slather a layer of charmoula on thick fish fillets – nice haddock today.
Let it marinade for 30mins, then put on top of potatoes and roast until the fish is ready while enjoying the aroma – i for one tend to hang out around the kitchen while it happens…

And when you’re eating please note the incomparable dense texture of roasted white potatoes…

Fish Charmoula

The inspiration – courtesy of Nadia Roden (via F&W magazine)

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Didn’t know what i want for dinner so after looking at all the fish available i ended up with a piece of fluke. But then while leaving the counter i spotted a trout and changed my mind again – and left the store with deboned trout, oyster mushrooms and scallions.
The plan was to bake the fish en papillote and though the original recipe called for corn husks i forgot to buy them and used avocado leaves instead.

Trout baked in foil

The fish was delicious but the mushrooms were lacking in texture. I will definitely make it again – though next time i won’t forget to get corn husks and use different mushrooms…. Maybe shiitakes though these might be too strong flavored for a delicate trout, or some king oysters, or how about this – beach mushrooms would be great or even enoki. Not sure about maitakes – maybe if i just brown them a little before…

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