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Greek cuisine has so many interesting dishes involving scallions and dill – my favorite herbs. Like this one i found in one of the books of Aglaia Kremezi. Chicken thighs braised with plenty of scallions and some white wine, braising liquid and scallions pureed and some lemon juice and dill added towards the end. The sauce is so nice – light, creamy and fragrant.
One trick i learned from Jeremiah Tower – marinate chicken for several hours in a paste of olive oil/garlic. This time i made a paste of scallions and olive oil. Scrapped it off before browning, but added the marinade to the braising liquid.
Served with brandy roasted baby artichokes.
In the morning shredded the remaining chicken, boiled some sour trahana (greek pasta) and dump then in the warmed sauce.
Sour Trahana


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Nothing much to say about this dish, i posted about it before: Braised Greens, Avgolemono Style.
So the main reason for posting would be a pretty picture – to break from a tyranny of comfort but brown food of several previous dinners.

Beef and Greens Avgolemono

Yet couple of things worth to note: added a thinly sliced fennel, for its affinity to dill flavor. And instead of traditional lamb used my favorite beef cut – tri tip.

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