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It worked, to my great surprise. Tri-tip (1.5lb), serioulsy seared on both sides for about 3 mins each. 2yellow peppers and huge white onion for 10mins (the initial oil was peanut, switched to oilve for veggies). 1 cup of home made beef stock reduced to nothing, 3canned chipotle in adobo, seeded and chopped added. Meat thinly sliced and added too. Served with guacamole (avocado, tomatoes, lime juice with a bit of creme fraiche) amd boston lettuce as a wrap.


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Kennedy’s blue book. Used creme fraiche. In my previous version in roasted shells and heads for the stock – bad idea in this case, the sauce should be delicate.
Served with jicama/carrots/tomato/arugula salad with marjoram pesto. Not sure what went wrong but marjoram flavor was non existent, though it’s a pretty strong herb.

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I was thinking about using a brown rice in paella for a long time. Couple of days ago i took a plunge.
Mushrooms are always a great companion to brown rice and i had some nice king oyster ones. And chorizo (in reality it was some sort of portuguese lomo instead of chorizo in a fridge).
King oysters responds well to brown first braise after treatment but i coudn’t decide how to cut them for an appropriate texture – the choice was among tearing into strings, cutting into rounds or dicing. And then i had an epiphany – duxelles of course!
I decided to soak the rice to shorten the cooking time. Didn’t help – it took the usual 50mins in 350F oven. Next time i will add the meat and mushrooms about 20mins before the finish. And the rice/water ratio should have been 1/2 not 1/1.75 (my standard brown rice formula) due to higher evaporation.

My brown rice of choice is Massa Organics though next time i might try some Lundberg – they have excellent rice mixes.

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Didn’t know what i want for dinner so after looking at all the fish available i ended up with a piece of fluke. But then while leaving the counter i spotted a trout and changed my mind again – and left the store with deboned trout, oyster mushrooms and scallions.
The plan was to bake the fish en papillote and though the original recipe called for corn husks i forgot to buy them and used avocado leaves instead.

Trout baked in foil

The fish was delicious but the mushrooms were lacking in texture. I will definitely make it again – though next time i won’t forget to get corn husks and use different mushrooms…. Maybe shiitakes though these might be too strong flavored for a delicate trout, or some king oysters, or how about this – beach mushrooms would be great or even enoki. Not sure about maitakes – maybe if i just brown them a little before…

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Man was i missing all these miso possibilities…
Well now it’s time to catch up!
Tonight is a quick miso dinner of mussels, with the rest of ingredients right from the japanese pantry: sake, ginger, scallions, garlic and watercress. Ok, there were olive oil and butter involved too. Oh and some grilled triple olive ciabatta. A modern japanese pantry?.. Anyway the outcome was still delicious, light and tasty… And it involved miso!

Mussels steamed in Sake and Miso

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Fish department at Wegmans does really a great job. Their fresh mussels and squid (not the frozen one – avoid this) are excellent. I used it for some crazy fusion of two recipes – turkish for pilaf and sardinian for fregola paella. Strangely (or maybe not) both recipes have a lot in common so it was not difficult to imagine that the resulting dish might actually belong to both cuisines – same seafood and spicing (dill!).

Fregola with Mussels and Squid

Served with eggplant allioli.

The recipe is pretty straigforward – steam 2lbs of mussels in 1cup of water until opened (usually 4-5mins). Shell and save the liquid – this is your stock for paella. Warm some oilve oil, add whites of scallions (abour 1bunch), add cut up squid (3/4 lb), cook for a min, add spices (used cinnamon stick and a bit of dill) and green raisins, add 1.5 cup of fregola and pour the stick (2cups). Steam until squid and fregola are ready – about 10-15mins more. Stir in mussels and some more dill and scallion greens. Done.

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From an excellent Boulud’s book Braise comes this dish. He calls for white beans but i used gigantic lima beans from Rancho Gordo instead.

Spinach, Lima Beans and Merquez Sausage

Pretty much followed the recipe, just cut it in half. Enormous amount of spinach (2lbs). And it’s a great idea to braise (cook) beans along with vegetables: i always prefer oven treatment for beans: a generous amount of olive oil, not much water and aromatics create wonders.
The dish came out very good. I guess i’m not a big fan of spinach but it can be done with other greens like chard or romaine or even dandelions.

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