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Came out with a neat idea for meatballs pretty much using bits and pieces for a fridge (well of course the main ingredient – the beef was bought for the occasion). 8 oz pf bacon chopped in the food processor, greens of a bunch of scallions is added, and then 3 small corn tortillas (subbing the former for a regular onion, and the latter for bread crumbs or similar filler – like tortilla chips. No eggs! I don’t like how the seep into a sauce dulling its color.
Speaking of sauce: brown some sliced white onion with cumin seeds and mexican oregano, add 28oz can of fire roasted tomatoes and a cup of chicken stock, three chopped chipotle in adobo. Simmer to thicken. Drop meatballs (size of a walnut) in the sauce and bake in 350F convection for about 20mins.


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Nice recipe for meatballs in tomatillo (with some chipotle) sauce. Couple problems – the color of cooked sauce – on the pic it was pretty and clear. In reality it came out grayish, apparently from the juice leaking from meat. Possible remedy? Cook meatballs in stock and add the sauce at the end. Or even bake them?
Zucchini/corn/mushrooms side was ont he otehr hand excellent (Kennedy’s blue book). The only thing i’ll change for the next time is to start with mushrooms – i used tiny oysters when hers was an huilacoche dish.

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