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This is one of those dishes you would enjoy making, every single step of it. First roast sliced potatoes topped with a layer of olive-oiled tomatoes/spring onions/italian peppers mess – the dish within its own right. In the meantime make charmoula – tiny red bird chiles, preserved lemon (bergamot), parsley, mint, scallions, garlic, cumin – i guarantee you’ll lick the bowl clean. Slather a layer of charmoula on thick fish fillets – nice haddock today.
Let it marinade for 30mins, then put on top of potatoes and roast until the fish is ready while enjoying the aroma – i for one tend to hang out around the kitchen while it happens…

And when you’re eating please note the incomparable dense texture of roasted white potatoes…

Fish Charmoula

The inspiration – courtesy of Nadia Roden (via F&W magazine)


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