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A great dish, featured in Nobu books in several variations.

My version was a simplified one from his first book.
mix a good mayo with some garlic/chile sauce.
Butterfly shrimp but don’t peel (1.5lb – 20cnt/lb)
Saute sliced portobello (3 large) until just limp.
Brush the shrimps just a bit of the sauce, layer a parsley leaf and top with a slice of mushroom.
Broil for 5mins or until shrimp is ready.

I served the dish with grilled asian eggplant topped with bonito flakes; romaine leaves and shredded jicama and green mango.


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IMHO fregola is the tastiest version of couscous. For the dinner tonight the point of departure was couple recipes in Bugialli’s “Foods of Sicily and Sardinia” book.
Took me less than half an hour to come up with a great dish!

Serves 4.

1lb of shrimp, peeled.
1-1.5 cups of fregola cooked al dente.

tiny dice (i pulsed the stuff in food processor) – leaves from a bunch of parsley, white part of 2 bunches of scallions, 4 celery stalks, 2 plump garlic cloves.
in a large skillet sauteed the battuto in olive oil with 4oz of very small cubes of pancetta on med heat. Increased the heat, added shrimp, roasted for couple of mins turning once, mixed in fregola, covered and put into 375F oven for 10mins.

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Gringo Dinner

Fajitas – super delicious, super easy, super fast! Be prepared for a lot of smoke though – the meat should be really seared.

My standard recipe – tri-tip steak quickly rubbed and marinated in whatever spice/rub/marinade you have at hand. Seared for 6mins in grapeseed oil. Remove the meat to rest while you pan roast vegetables: i like yellow peppers and white onion. The onion should be sliced vertically into wedges – this is presumably a traditional cut for fajitas. After the vegetables are done, slice meat thinly across the grain and stir everything together including the meat juices.
Now you just need some salad and wraps (tortillas, or salad leaves for those counting calories).

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Prompted by the Top Chef Masters i started to watch other food shows on TV. And the interesting thing happened: some dishes looked so delicious that i felt compelled to recreate them at home. Like queso fundido burgers i raved all over this blog about.
Or those angry mussels from The Best Thing i Ever Ate.
I cook mussels a lot and always in the look out for interesting dishes. The idea to cook them with bacon is of course not novel but somehow the whole thing, name including, looked irresistible.
Here is my tweet on the first version i made about a month ago, soon after the show got aired:

Mussels enojados: cerveza roasted with bacon, poblano, golden squash, and charred tomatillo/onion/garlic sauce

For the dinner tonight the idea was to build the meal around the home-made ketchup, and angry mussels sounded like a good theme to play with.
Well, mussels got very angry (and incredibly tasty) being roasted with bacon, jalapeno, scallions, dill, tomatoes, white wine and ketchup.
So who said that TV dinners are bad for you?

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So good – the recipe adapted from Michael Psilakis.
Boil 1cup of green peas with a small onion and bay leave until soft. Drain. In a food processor pulse 1 roasted poblano, couple garlic cloves, 1 fat scallion, some cilantro and couple tbs of good white whine vinegar. Add peas. With motor running, slowly pour 1/2 cup of olive oil. Check the seasoning – you might need more vinegar.

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One more variation on stir-fried squid. This time i added an excellent thick cut bacon.
Couple of squid cooking tricks i learned from somebody. Cut the squid in strips, put them into a bowl, add lemon juice and then olive oil, stirring until emulsified. At this point i usually add some flavorings – onions or other vegetables. This time roasted poblano and scallions.
In the meantime rendered most of the bacon fat, removed it and added the squid mixture. Stir-fried it for several mins and then put the bacon back. Voila!

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For a vegetable dish tonight i had vignole in mind – an italian braise of spring onion, artichokes, fava beans and peas. I used flageolet beans instead of fava. I had no clue what to make for a meat course and entered Wegmans with some vague ideas of turkey or chicken or maybe even salmon burger in mind. But there i stumbled on organic boneless/skinless chicken thighs: they looked nice and one could prepare them simply and simply as pan seared cutlets (this being summer and our AC is not functioning, the oven prep was out of the question). Back home i decided to make a quick Jeremiah Tower marinade – whizzed garlic and oilve oil. My variation also included thyme and jalapeno. I started to make it in a blender but the mixture was too heavy for the device so i poured some beer i was meaning to have – Stone IPA. Covered the meat in the mixture and left it at room temp for 30mins. Removed most of the marinade, and seared skin side down for 3mins and then turned for 2mins more. Lowered the heat and let them to finish cooking for about 5mins more. Excellent!

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