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Smoked Fish Pilav

Yesterday came out with a really nice dish worth of recording: scallop and smoked whitefish pilav:

On my favorite F&W site i stumbled on the smoked fish jambalaya but while the fish part fo the dish sounded nice i didn’t care much for the flavoring. Instead i decided to make a celery battuto for a base. Here’s the final recipe:


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Arroz a la tumbada is presumably one of the favorite dishes of Veracruz. And Rick Bayless chose to answer the question of Where you’ll be heading in the future by cooking this dish at the Top Chef Masters final episode…
Well, after making this dish tonight i’m fully with Bayless and the people of Veracruz. But it was Kennedy again who succeeded to nail down the essence of the flavor in the arroz a la tumbada – the careful choice of herbs.

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The version from Kennedy’s blue book. Used jasmine from Lundberg. And homemade chicken stock – a must in this dish. The recipe is very precise though she doesn’t specify for how long to fry rice – just the color: took me about 8mins.
The rice texture was interesting – grains were light and looked fragile but the dish was not sticky. I wonder how it would be with basmati or even medium grain rice.
Seems like Kennedy has a different version in her yellow book, with tomatillos. Need to explore.

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I was thinking about using a brown rice in paella for a long time. Couple of days ago i took a plunge.
Mushrooms are always a great companion to brown rice and i had some nice king oyster ones. And chorizo (in reality it was some sort of portuguese lomo instead of chorizo in a fridge).
King oysters responds well to brown first braise after treatment but i coudn’t decide how to cut them for an appropriate texture – the choice was among tearing into strings, cutting into rounds or dicing. And then i had an epiphany – duxelles of course!
I decided to soak the rice to shorten the cooking time. Didn’t help – it took the usual 50mins in 350F oven. Next time i will add the meat and mushrooms about 20mins before the finish. And the rice/water ratio should have been 1/2 not 1/1.75 (my standard brown rice formula) due to higher evaporation.

My brown rice of choice is Massa Organics though next time i might try some Lundberg – they have excellent rice mixes.

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Great idea – used apple brandy – enhancing the eggplant sweetness and adding to the overall exotic flavors of curry (Vongerichten).
served over boiled carnaroli.

Eggplant Lobster Soup

in the morning used rice leftovers to make a cake with egg yolks, yougurt and raz-al-hanout. Served pieces of crispy (but fluffy inside) cakes with the soup poured around. It was even better that serving with plain rice – play of different textures.

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