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From an excellent Boulud’s book Braise comes this dish. He calls for white beans but i used gigantic lima beans from Rancho Gordo instead.

Spinach, Lima Beans and Merquez Sausage

Pretty much followed the recipe, just cut it in half. Enormous amount of spinach (2lbs). And it’s a great idea to braise (cook) beans along with vegetables: i always prefer oven treatment for beans: a generous amount of olive oil, not much water and aromatics create wonders.
The dish came out very good. I guess i’m not a big fan of spinach but it can be done with other greens like chard or romaine or even dandelions.


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Piquant ragout of swiss chard and tri-tip – thanks to Clifford Wright for the inspiration.
Loved tabil – caraway and coriander are my favorite spices. Plenty of parsley is a plus too.
Lesson learned? You can cook chickpeas w/o soaking – all you need is some patience and a low heat…

swiss chard ragout of meat

…of course the original dish being tunisian calls for lamb – well i’m crazy about the tri-tip though.
The meat was seriously browned in olive oil with tabil, then two bunches of chopped scallions (Wright wanted regular onions here), then chard and parsley were wilted, and after this harissa and tomato paste went into the pot. I let it simmer for an hour trying in parallel to get chickpeas to a palatable condition. Happened after an hour – everything was simmered together for one hour more…

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