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Borscht, Vaguely

Still cold and just plain nasty outside. Craving some hearty soup. I think a spicy mussels and tomatoes. But there are plenty of cooked chickpeas in the fridge, and a bunch of beet stems and leaves. Let’s do some borscht, well sort of…
The shopping list – bag of mussels, can of plum tomatoes, poblano and scallions. From the fridge – the above mentioned chickpeas, beet leftovers, as well as some dill and parsley.
Mussels go first – steamed in water and vermouth, with bay leaves. Liquid reserved, mussels shelled and put aside. Now charred and peeled poblanos got sauteed with scallion whites and chopped beet stems.
Some garlic and diced tomatoes added. Then some more vermouth. And the mussels broth. And couple of dill stems. The turn for chickpeas to be gently simmered for about 20-30mins.
To finish i add sliced beet leaves, chopped scallion greens, dill and parsley. Bring to boil. Add mussels…


    And then slowly devour the result, with pumpernickel toasts and creme fraiche…


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Great idea – used apple brandy – enhancing the eggplant sweetness and adding to the overall exotic flavors of curry (Vongerichten).
served over boiled carnaroli.

Eggplant Lobster Soup

in the morning used rice leftovers to make a cake with egg yolks, yougurt and raz-al-hanout. Served pieces of crispy (but fluffy inside) cakes with the soup poured around. It was even better that serving with plain rice – play of different textures.

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