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Chefs, open your baskets! For the dinner tonight you have okra and shrimp.
Evidently those two are meant for each other. Think hearty gumbo. Not in this hot and humid weather though, no way. Light, spicy and still southern felt like the right approach…
Roasted okra is great but it became like a rut. Several sources suggested steaming: easy and interesting, notwithstanding the possibility of sliminess …
For a shrimp dish the first thing i checked was My Mexico (on my globe the place is south of New Orleans, hence totally legit :)). And here they were, Camarones Verdes, introduced by the words “this recipe is an irresistible one…” Well i don’t know about you but i’m not the kind of person who would pass on the dish Diane Kennedy found so compelling!
The dinner was indeed delicious: bright green okra dressed simply with a bit of butter and salt, shells-on shrimp (from the Gulf of course) in its light spicy sauce, and a small salad – sliced jersey tomatoes topped with some fennel slaw, to compliment the anise undertones of the shrimp sauce.
But why hands-on you’d ask? Let me quote the Camarones Verdes piece again: “This is not dainty eating: you really have to use your fingers...” Well this applied to the okra dish too 🙂


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