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Ok so i’m officially on the roll today. Great success with my Love Unit drink and now this.
Or maybe all the cooking and reading of Kennedy and Bayless finally comes to fruition 🙂

So here is my shepherd’s pie variation.


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Definitely one of my favorites. A pleasure to cook – the aroma of dry roasted (think charred) garlic cloves is intoxicating.
Used white sweet potatoes, for wonderful aroma and flavor.
The original recipe calls for mixing everything together – shredded chicken, sauce and potatoes. I decided to serve potatoes on the side – delicate strands looked too delicate…

jersey sweet potato hash

the traditional way is to serve tinga with shredded lettuce and sliced avocado – kept the romaine, skipped the latter…

Wish i made a pic of the dish served – what a play of light and lace…

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