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Found a nice idea for peruvian potatoes – to use them in a simple hash brown. Wegmans carry pretty baby purples from Melissa’s. Just grate them scrubbed (don’t peel to preserve the nutrition) in food processor. Warm the butter and olive oil in some saute pan, press potato into it, cook for 10mins a med heat, flip and cook for 10mins more.
12 oz for 2 people, 9″ pan.


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Nothing much to say about this dish, i posted about it before: Braised Greens, Avgolemono Style.
So the main reason for posting would be a pretty picture – to break from a tyranny of comfort but brown food of several previous dinners.

Beef and Greens Avgolemono

Yet couple of things worth to note: added a thinly sliced fennel, for its affinity to dill flavor. And instead of traditional lamb used my favorite beef cut – tri tip.

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Two pans, same 450F temp, same 30mins time – the dinner is served.
Chicken Wings rubbed with anise seeds, red pepper flakes and greek oregano, marinated overnight; orange zest and juice, olive oil and coarse pieces of almonds:

Almond Chicken Wings

baby bell peppers and fat scallions with balsamic:

Roasted Bell Peppers and Scallions in Balsamic

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I was dying to reorganize my cookbook library. Almost a year passed since the last revamp – about 120 (according to The LibraryThing) more books got acquired, and my interests changed.
The plan was to keep the same layout – main storage in bedroom and spill over in my office, but to move the books around to suit my needs both for better access and comfortable reading.
Now the main section in the bedroom carries chefs, italian, spanish, mexican, japanese, french and vegetarian cookbooks as well as the reference books and assorted food and drink magazines. There is also a small shelf with beer and cocktails books (not shown).
Cookbook Library
All baking, asian, wine and the rest cookbooks i don’t use got relegated to the auxiliary shelves in my office.
The new organization makes me happy.

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Consider me an eternal Wolfert’s junkie. Her Mediterranean Grains and Greens was the main reason i got into cooking, about ten years ago.
And it felt nice when inspired by a recent tasting menu in Zahav restaurant i googled “green tahini” and the link to Paula’s Med Grains was one of the top hits.
Here is a dinner based on couple of recipes from this book:
Boiled umbrian chickpeas tossed with green tahini – parsley, garlic, lemon juice, jalapeno and sesame paste whizzed in a food processor.
A salad of smoked whitefish, ribbons of radicchio, and shaved fennel lightly coated with a dressing of creme fraiche, lemon juice, olive oil and a hint of mayo. Lot of coarse black pepper. Very nice.

Smoked Fish Radicchio Fennel Salad

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Easily one of my favorite one pot dinners: skillet roasted fennel with olives and sausages, one of many learned from Lidia’s books. To this one i added some peperoncini: i’m fascinated by how pickles add a new dimension to cooked dishes.
Fennel Roasted with Olives and Sausages

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